Spudknocker video shows off DCS: Sinai in action

A picture is worth a thousand words they say and a video is worth dozens of times more than that. That’s how I look at the latest video from DCS World YouTuber Spudknocker who has an early access look at DCS: Sinai from OnReTech.

Covering a lot of ground

This is a cinematic with no talking because really this is all just about DCS: Sinai. The map is speaking for itself and it’s looking really good.

Spudknocker sets on a mission in the DCS: F-16C and flies us across a whole bunch of different places. Resort towns, airbases, different types of scenery seen at low and high altitude, and then ultimately to attack targets with some laser guided bombs.

The video is available for viewing here.

The first impressions of this map are that it is quite good looking. Although DCS: Sinai offers a similar desert aesthetic to what we’ve seen before, it still impresses me to see all of the little details that other maps have brought to the table. River valleys with vegetation, brushes and scrub typical in these desert regions, lots of buildings in the built up areas, nicely detailed airbases, and more.

The first impression here I think is really good. OnReTech is not a veteran map developer like Eagle Dynamics and Ugra Media and so they have to prove their abilities to the community. From the looks of things, their abilities to make use of the latest DCS World map tech seem to be keeping right up. I look forward to seeing more.

For refresher, here are some of the images released during the initial announcement.


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  1. Devotion should have done better !!!! says:

    I was extremely hyped for south atlantic and it ended up a little underwhelming … not a lot of airports, huge low res areas and… A little barren to tell the truth…
    Now I’m kinda wary… excited, of course, but will definetely wait for the Stormbirds review first…


  2. Blue 5 says:

    Buying that and I want a 107th ‘Orange Tails’ F-4 to go with it.

    Loud and Clear?

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  3. Urgent Siesta says:

    Love all the new maps! Much more choice than even just a few years ago.

    If it’s a great map like Syria, I’ll get it right away. If it’s not so great, I’m happy to wait while they fix it up or it goes on sale.

    p.s.: still kinda wondering how Oz will fit in – will be interesting.

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  4. CanadaOne says:

    Looking forward to this one. I like new maps more than new planes. Mind you, the Oz map still seems silly to me. That one I won’t buy unless it’s clearly above and beyond.

    I’d rather have the Kola map than Sinai, but this still looks good. And flying a chopper around the pyramids does sound cool. I wonder if the Sphinx will have a damage model? I’d feel terrible blowing it up, but for sure someone is going to try.

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  5. beggyg says:

    The banner image at the top looks a hell of lot like War Thunder’s Sinai map. Are we being trolled, or am I having a senior moment?


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