Flight sim news round up for Dec 24: E-Jets, F-15E, sales, more!

The holiday season is upon us and the news is flying fast and furious right now with all kinds of sales, announcements and more. So let’s round up some of the latest news I haven’t yet had a chance to report on.

Fourth video for the E-Jets

Aviation Lads are back at it again with another video featuring FlightSim Studio AG’s E-Jets series. This video shows us plenty of eye-candy as well as a brief look at the MCDU – a must have for airliner fans. Curious to see what the reaction is to the authenticity of this system.

CowanSim releases first MSFS helicopter

Well known X-Plane helicopter developer is venturing into the Microsoft Flight Simulator Market with the 206B3. Its available on the CowanSim store right now and coming to the marketplace and Xbox availability soon too!

Want more coverage? Check out HeliSimmer’s coverage of the Bell 206B3 release.

More on DCS Sinai

I reported earlier in the week that Spudknocker had done a video on the DCS: Sinai map by OnReTech. This upcoming map looks pretty interesting!

He’s also released an image showing off the scale and scope of the map. Puts it into context.

Noorduyn Norseman by Big Radials

Big Radials has just teased their next airplane. Appearing to be a Noorduyn Norseman, a Canadian bushplane, we just have the one image as part of their end of the year message posted to Facebook. I’m sure we’ll learn more in the new year!

Strike Eagle in the light and the dark

I can’t resist sharing the latest from RAZBAM and their work on the DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle.

Here’s two images of the F-15E in testing showing off a landing with the board out and then another with plenty of vapes. A lot of vapes infact!

Not enough? Check out this nighttime refuelling image!

TacView holiday sale

Whenever something goes wrong on my DCS missions, I turn to TacView. Not every multiplayer server supports it (for cheating reasons) but plenty of PvE servers do and you can use it on single player missions too.

Right now, TacView is on sale and its well worth the discount!

DCS helicopter mission pack

Sergio over at HeliSimmer.com loves his helicopter flying and has just reported on a very cool new mission pack for DCS World featuring DCS: Syria and DCS: UH-1H Huey. The mission pack has you flying around doing various non-combat missions. It sounds like a really cool way to experience DCS.

Orbx sale

Stock up on some scenery and aircraft with the up to 50% off Orbx sale.

Big Week for Team Fusion Simulations

The folks at ATAG and Team Fusion Simulations are hosting online events from the 25th through to the 31st for anyone interested in joining in with Cliffs of Dover Blitz and Desert Wings Tobruk.

FlyTampa EHAM

Scenery maker FlyTampa have just released Amsterdam Schiphol International (EHAM) for X-Plane 12. This is FlyTampa’s first X-Plane 12 scenery release but surely won’t be their last. Also, if you’re a FSA Captain you can also get a nice little 10% discount on that. See the link in the tweet for more.

SK60B mod exclusive for Skyward

Skyward Flight Media got an exclusive preview of the SK60B DCS World mod by BAAS Dynamics. This looks like a pretty incredible simulation of the Swedish SK60B and is well worth a look. The mod is due out in a couple of days so look for that to happen soon!

BFM trainer mission update

Sedlo has released a new BFM trainer for DCS World and has updated it to version 3.102. This is a fun mission that lets you test your basic flight manoeuvring skills against a variety of aircraft. Well worth a look if you need to brush up on your BFM in your favourite DCS module.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Nice round up. That F-15E is looking so good. Can’t wait. I hope you get a nice promo copy for pimping their wares. πŸ™‚

    Be nice to see the Sinai map soon. But “soon” in the DCS dictionary could be anywhere between months and years.


  2. Snake122 says:

    I know you don’t cover it as much, but the BMS team just announced that 4.37 should be out soon. Main announcement states VR support, forum threads state first stages of allowing other than F-16 avonics for other aircraft.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Urgent Siesta says:

      VR SUPPORT?!?!?!?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        That’s the word!


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Good info! I was also just reading about this update. I’ll have to get some more information for an article.

      BMS info is tough to come by. They tend to announce information on a private forum – or at least that’s what used to happen. I usually caught wind of BMS updates via someone posting it on r/Hoggit.


  3. Urgent Siesta says:

    A new MSFS addon that may be of particular interest here is the FSW Nieuport 24.

    Fly Inside’s Bell 206 also released last week, so I’m interested to see how it stacks up to the well respected (in X-Plane) Cowan 206 for MSFS, especially since the former uses a proprietary Flight Model engine, and claims to be highly realistic in all regards (e.g., Hot Start, auto-rotation, FM, etc.).

    I’m hoping Cowan’s hits the sweet spot, because so far the helo quality in MSFS is just all over the place, from the rudimentary flight models of the old H145, thru FI’s B-47, to the Nemeth B-407 (not great despite CFD), to the current best being Asobo’s own Guimbal Cabri (genuinely good but not up to X-Plane or DCS).

    DEFINITELY getting that new DCS Huey campaign! One of my favorite low pressure but still exciting flight sim activities is civilian ops in a DCS helo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’ll have to look up that Nieuport!

      I was JUST reading about Fly Inside’s Bell 206. I’ll have to do some more helicopter follow-up at some point. I hope Cowan’s helicopters end up being great for MSFS, they’ve been good for X-Plane to be sure!

      I have high hopes for that H145 as well once they’ve had a chance to implement the new flight model (I don’t think they have yet).


  4. Snake122 says:

    Yep, that’s where I read the other than F-16 avonics news.

    There was also a thread where a coder offered to improve the UI and the BMS team specifically told him to spend his time elsewhere. That’s been obviously a much needed but harder nut to crack. No idea if that is going into 4.37 or not.

    On the confirmed to not be in 4.37 is the new terrain engine, but 4.37 is supposed to be a transitory version and that should be out sooner than most releases it seems (which the past couple years seems to be about a year between 4.3x releases). So maybe new terrain the middle of next year.


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