SWS Van’s RV-10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator doing final checks

The launch of Sim Works Studios Van’s RV-10 is not too far away judging by the latest update from this development team. Their latest update includes new screenshots and an indication that they are nearing release.

RV-10 release

Following their successful launch of the SWS Van’s RV-14 (see my full review) that the team did last year, Sim Works Studios have been busy getting a second Van’s aircraft into production and release for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Three new screenshots shows off the exterior and interior of the airplane with the cockpit giving us a cold and dark visual. According to the update, published on the SWS Facebook, the team are busy doing final checks for release.

Features include five custom liveries, a custom interior (configured the same way that Aerosports Products configures real world RV-10s), a flight model by MrTommyMxr, and sounds recorded from a real RV-10. That real RV-10 is one of the five liveries that are available.

We’ve got three new screenshots to go along with it.

Keep an eye on Sim Works Studios and their Facebook page for the upcoming RV-10. If its as fun as their RV-14 is, this should be yet another great general aviation airplane to fly around Microsoft Flight Simulator in.


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  1. Alex says:

    little off topic, but just as SWS pulled their P3D F-4, milviz/blackbird has completley to my sadness pulled all of their p3d line up including some great warbirds – had i known would have bought many – gave only few days warning


    1. Alex says:

      correction, they announced this a year ago that this was the plan, but i was unaware 😦


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I was unaware. I’ve only recently been paying them more attention but I’ve mostly not covered P3D so I probably wouldn’t have seen it anyways.

        I assume everything still works for those who already have their copies.


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