Learn the DCS: Mosquito with the Air Combat Tutorial Library

Fans of the IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad series will known this resource well. Requiem and the Air Combat Tutorial Library are a go-to of knowledge about aircraft in that series, however, in the last couple of years Requiem has been expanding into DCS World with tutorials and support material to help people learn several DCS modules with the newest series covering the magnificent Mosquito!

Learn the aircraft, follow the flows

Two videos in the series are now public on the Air Combat Tutorial Library. The first one is an aircraft overview which provides a look at the aircraft as a whole – its function, its capabilities, and the overall arrangement of the types systems and armaments. There’s also some great cinematic shots in there so its worth a watch.

Next up, Requiem puts his real world piloting knowledge and combines that with historical procedures to get you started and taxiing in the Mosquito. Requiem’s materials include diagrams called a “flow.” This is a visual representation and explanation of which buttons/levers/controls you need to operate to start and taxi the Mosquito.

The flows are covered in this video.

Download the files

Flows aren’t just provided in the videos themselves but also as downloadable documents available on the DCS World user files section.

If you head over to the DCS user files and download Requiem’s Mosquito Mk.VI Cockpit Workflows you’ll get a PDF that has flows for each key moment in the operation of the Mosquito including the start-up, takeoff, and landing.

If you’re a DCS WWII fan and you love flying the Mosquito but you need a helpful resource to follow the correct procedures or to aid in your typical operation, this is a great way to get started or stay current on the DCS Mosquito. I hope it helps!


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  1. Snowy says:

    Great to see Requiem producing these tutorials for the Mosquito in DCS. I think the module still needs some bug fixes, most of which are listed to be done so I am confident they will be attended to in time. Even so it is a great module as is. Getting it into the air seems to be the trickiest bit. I’m working on that and want to get my take offs and landings right as it is so satisfying to fly.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It can be a handful! Glad that the series is helpful.


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