ToLiss publishes full list of A320neo features ahead of Monday launch

Highly anticipated, ToLiss is one of the better known airliner sim makers in X-Plane and a post that came out earlier today gives us the complete feature list for their upcoming A320neo. Let’s have a look!

Features revealed

We already knew that ToLiss were planning to offer a number of upgrades from their prior Airbus products in addition to the detailed modeling of the A320neo variant specifically. Now we have a feature list from ToLiss directly.

Here are the highlights that they have identified in their post:

  • Brand new cockpit textures optimized for X-plane 12
  • Choice of 2 engine types: PW1127G-JM and CFM LEAP1A26
  • Custom EFB with Avitab integration, weight and balance computer, take off and landing performance as well as interactive check list
  • ACARS functionality: SimBrief flight plan import directly into the FMGS, TO Performance computations and wind upload.
  • Hoppie CPDLC and PDC functionality including weather download from the Hoppie network
  • Implementation of over 130 circuit breakers to cut power to certain systems.
  • More than 210 failure modes that can be injected, including “resettable” failures.
  • Can still run in X-plane 11 with most of these features, except for the XP12 specific rain effects
  • Reversable back up speed scale (BUSS)

We also have the requirements list which reminds us again that this product will be available for both X-Plane 11 and for X-Plane 12.

  • Works in X-plane 11 and X-plane 12
  • Windows, Linux or Mac (requires use of Rosetta on M1/M2 Macs with X-plane 12)
  • 4GB VRAM or more required

ToLiss haven’t mentioned pricing, however, its widely expected that the product will ship with the same $89.99 USD price tag that their other products carry.

Look for release sometime on Monday the 20th. And yes, ToLiss did pick it so that it would release on 3/20 (depending on how you write your calendar).

For the full feature list, check out the ToLiss Facebook page.


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