Just Flight upgrade first three aircraft to X-Plane 12 standard

Three aircraft from Just Flight’s aircraft development team have made the jump from X-Plane 11 to 12 thanks to a series of upgrades to bring the aircraft up to spec. Let’s have a look!

Three get the upgrade

Just Flight’s C152, DR400 and TB10/TB20 have all just been upgraded to X-Plane 12. These aircraft, previously released in X-Plane 11, are now available on the new sim.

In Just Flight’s announcement, they didn’t go into too much detail on changes to the aircraft except that they have been made ready for the new sim.

Screenshots shown in the announcement display the Robin with raindrops on the windscreen indicating that there has been work to ensure a minimum level of compatibility with new features. The team would have also needed to check on features such as textures and lights to ensure that the aircraft work correctly with the new physically based lighting model.

For existing owners, Just Flight has this to say about getting the latest update:

All current owners will have received a notification about the updates and you will get the usual SASL activation prompt when you first load the aircraft in XP12. You’ll then be prompted to enable the XP12 version of the aircraft.

Product information and purchase can be done via the Just Flight store. The C152 and TB10/20 are both on offer for $44.99 USD while the DR400 is available for just $14.99 USD.

Additional upgrades are coming so other aircraft from Just Flight are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Infact, Just Flight was very specific that the next batch of three will be on their way soon. Just Flight offer 14 aircraft in their X-Plane 11 collection including a series of Piper Arrow and Piper Warrior aircraft so feel free to take guesses on what the remaining 11 aircraft will be.


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