Big Radial’s Norseman released!

Some of you may recall the last Flight Journal I did featuring a preview of the Big Radials rendition of the Noorduyn Norseman for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Well, its no longer a preview airplane because the developer has released it on a couple of platforms. Let’s have a look!

Norseman ready to fly

This Canadian-built bushplane is, together with the DHC-2 Beaver, one of the legendary types that helped make the Canadian north more accessible while also seeing tremendous service in multiple air forces during WWII.

According to Big Radials store description, the release includes a highly detailed and accurate representation of the Noorduyn Norseman with realistic flight dynamics and performance, including three variants (standard, bush wheel, and floats) and six liveries.

The aircraft is available from the Big Radials webstore for $30.00 AUD and from the Orbx Store for $27.27 AUD (or about $18.19 USD).

The Norseman is coming to the Marketplace and to Xbox virtual pilots sometime soon. As usual with the Marketplace, it can take a bit of time to arrive so stay tuned for that.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    I like some of the “easter eggs” you said they’ve built in – “EFB” and a hidden GPS. Always welcome on any plane!

    Their product description says “realistic flight dynamics” – do you know if that means CFD…?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I don’t think it’s using the CFB system but it does feel good to fly. Not quite as lively as with CFB but they did tune it well. I’d say most similar to the work that SWS did with the Kodiak.


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