La-7, voice features focus on this week’s DCS news update

This week’s DCS World Weekend Update doesn’t pack a ton of new information in but there are two key standouts: new screenshots of OctopusG’s La-7 project as well as some discussion on the work being done for the integrated VOIP system for DCS World. Let’s have a look!

La-7 screenshots and update

Earlier in the week I reported on the latest updates from OctopusG. The work over there is focused on the DCS: La-7, a late war rendition of the Lavochkin fighter series that started with the LaGG-3 and later lead to the La-5 and then La-7.

In addition to the start-up video that we saw earlier in the week, Eagle Dynamics are also highlighting the in development module with these screenshots showing off the aircraft in a couple of different liveries and with some good cockpit shots to boot.

We’ve also learned that the work currently being done is focused on the compressed air system, control systems that include yaw and pitch channel trimmers, fuel, hydraulic and various other unspecified systems. In short, this is the boring stuff visually but important to the overall module.

Updated voice features

DCS World has, for a long time now, had its own built in VOIP system. It has existed alongside the third party SRS software for a while. It is gaining some new features with one of the big ones being stability of the VOIP connection while using a VPN.

Realistic radio and sound effects are also underway including the ability to mute individual players and adjust the volume of specific channel. These new features are in testing now so expect them to arrive soon!

WWII aircraft sale

Of course the aircraft sale for DCS WWII remains ongoing until the 21st of May with 50% off all of the aircraft in the DCS WWII line-up. Check that out on the DCS e-Store.


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  1. harryvoyager says:

    I’ll admit, I’d thought I’d gotten enough VVS air power through Il-2, but the La-7 is looking very tempting.

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  2. Urgent Siesta says:

    OMG – a Full Fidelity Russian fighter!!! We’ll FINALLY have some balance. 😉
    Ha ha ha – I really crack myself up!

    No joke, though: Glad to see O-G nearing the finish line with this. It’ll be a good contrast and bring much needed diversity to DCS’ WWII plane set. Will definitely be adding it to my collection.

    p.s.: Hopefully O-G will give us the 20mm I-16 someday (pretty please!).

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