Microsoft issues large patch for ATR

Last week we learned from Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, that the ATR was the fastest selling product on the Marketplace. We also learned that updates were forthcoming and the first of those has just arrived.

Updated and improved

As many of you know, I along with many others have been flying the ATR turboprop airliner around in Microsoft Flight Simulator quite a bit since it’s release. It’s been the subject of a couple of Flight Journals of mine and plenty of streams by others. There will be more! I was gratified to hear that the issues the airplane does have are being solved.

The ATR did not arrive without several problems but the lengthy list of updates released just two weeks after it’s initial roll out is of course encouraging.

The fixes included performance and flight model tweaks, a long list of MCDU changes and improvements, a whole bunch of crashes have been solved, and my personal favourite – support for the toggle reverse thrust button. There is one quirk, manual entry for airways is temporarily out while that feature is reworked, but another update will come along eventually.

You can read the full change log here to see exactly what they have done line by line.


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  1. Pseudotsuga says:

    The ATR is great so far and I’m glad they’re committed to improving it. I lost a couple of flights to bugs, but I found it was worth working around them even as is. Never was a big fan of airliners, but this one is a winner I think.


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