Team Daidalos releases patch 4.13.1 for IL-2 1946

IL-2 1946 is still receiving official updates thanks to a dedicated third party team – Team Daidalos. An international collection of volunteers, Team Daidalos has been keeping IL-2 1946 alive for quite some time adding a host of new content over the years. Although interest in IL-2 1946 for me is slowly drying up, as a PC simulator, IL-2 1946 still represents the most complete collection of WWII warbirds available.

Check the official TD patch notes for the latest content including a couple of new planes and a “new” Black Sea map (that combines the old Crimea and Kuban maps together). Visit the 1C IL-2 1946 forums 4.13.1 release thread for downloads and further details.

New flyable planes (include new added cockpits):

– R-5, 1931? (with 1934 model cockpit);
– P-5, 1931? (trainer based on R-5);
– S.S.S (“Three S”), 1936?;
– He-111H-11, 1942?;
– He-111H-16, 1943?;
– I-16 type 28, 1939?;
– I-16 type 29, 1940?;
– I-153 M63, 1940? (with M-63 engine);

Improved cockpits:

– I-15bis;
– I-16 type 24;
– I-16 type 24SPB;
– I-153 M62;
– I-153P;
– Pe-2 (added complete radio operator cockpit).
– He-111H-2, He-111H-6, He-111H-12 (cockpit interior update).
– He-111H-6 (added one more gunner post at ventral gondola).

New ground units:

– Total rework of all railway cars 3D-models.
– Armored train BP-42 (Germany).
– Armored train BP-44 (Germany).
– Armored train OB-3 (USSR).
– Armored train NKPS-42 (USSR).
– Tank T-26 model 1931?. (Twin turrets).
– Update camo for T-26(late) tank.
– Tank BT-5.
– Tank BT-5RT (BT-5 command tank with radio).
– Update tank BT-7 3D-model.
– Tank BT-7A (with short-barreled 76mm cannon).
– Tank BT-7RT (BT-7 command tank with radio).
– Rework tank KV-1 3D-model.
– Tank KV-1S.
– Tank KV-2.
– Tank Vickers Mk.? Mod.F (Finnish).
– Tank destroyer SU-152.
– Armored car BA-20.
– Update armored car BA-10 3D-model.
– Rework armored car BA-64 3D-model.
– Mortar BM-82, model 1937 (1942 production).
– Rework Sd.Kfz.184 “Ferdinand” 3D-model.
– Update camo for T-34 tank.

New ships:
– Torpedo boat D-3 (USSR).

New maps:
– Black Sea (combined map, includes Crimea and Kuban territory).

New features:
– Locomotives valve gear and other chassis animation.
– Turning on lights on locomotives at night.
– Updated Norden and Lotfe-7C bombsights, reduced TAS switching step.
– Added key for switching ballistic tables then using bombsights.
– New regiments and insignias (over 900).
– New soviet bombs AO-8M3, RRAB-520.
– Added “conf.ini” option Mouse6DOFMove=1 under [game]. This will enable automatic offset to sideboards then player looks back using mouse.
– Fighting ground vehicles and combat ships can use salvo firing with all available barrels.

Changes & Improvements:
– Fixed wheel brakes working, with keyboard operation – balance between left and right wheel brakes considered with rudder position.
– Fixed damage model and made some minor cockpit changes for SM.79.
– Fixed errors that displayed incorrect operation altitude for parachute armaments and SABs in Dedicated Server mod.
– Full rework of bomb loadout variants for R-5 (for historic ones only). Old missions may be incompatible with new loads.
– Increase of bomb loadout variants of He-111H-6 (for historic ones only). Old missions are still compatible.
– Sliding canopy of dorsal gunner in He-111H-2/He-111H-6 variants, thus increasing their firing angles.
– Fixed (blocked) opportunity to remove marker symbol in the “Misc.settings”, under “Markers”, which may cause the game to fail to run.
– New default camo for all LaGG-3 planes.
– New camo for P-39N-1 Pokryshkin plane.
– Fixed network bug, with incorrect turret position transmitted to other players.
– Fixed network (and NTRK) bug, with incorrect player position in cockpits (for co-pilots crew planes).
– Fixed error “ID_10” occurred sometimes while Dedicater Server mission was loading.
– Fixed error in output of drift angle, on the B5N bombsight.
– Updated 3D-model of AO-10 bomb.
– Added new loadouts for I-153 M-62 plane, includes BS machinegun (based on historical photos).
– Some fixes on Solomons map.
– All missing bridges added on Slovakia autumn map.
– Added new damage model for “Periscope” objects – now it is possible to hit submerged submarines along the full length of the hull.
– Some fixes for “DShK machinegun” objects.
– Fixed self-propelled heavy mortar “Karl”. From now on it has really high-angle barrel elevation with correct firing distance and realistic shell types.
– Some fixes in COOP (but multicrew mod is still experimental and a little bit buggy).
– Fixed user console and server log spamming errors from parachute armaments and SABs.
– Fixed prop rotation direction of the N1K1J, N1K1Ja, N1K1Jb.
– Fixed prop rotation direction of the P-40E(M-105PF).
– Fixed cannons ATG38_45mm, ATG42_45mm, RG43_76mm.
– Fixed 3D-model of armored car FAI-M.
– Activated AAA position on the turret of battleship “Tirpitz”.
– Activated AAA positions on the turrets of battleships “King George V” class.
– Activated inner turrets of battleship “Marat”, and they can fire in both port and starboard directions.
– All appropriate ships can fire from torpedo-tubes on both sides (mostly for destroyers).
– Changed 3D-model and technical data for destroyer torpedoes from default noname to 533-mm model 53-38.
– Added correct sounds for armored rail-cruiser MBV ?002.
– Fixed (corrected) sounds of moving rolling stock.
– Stationary railway cars have winter PaintSchemes.
– Some trains have new antiaircraft platform position – it is transferred to the head or tail of a rolling stock.
– Added new locomotive steam effects: additional steam emissions in the beginning of movement and before the stop.
– Fixed number of single bomb releases for the Ju-88 to a total of 24. Also fixed some errors with bombsight automation (denial of bomb release for some loadout types).
– Fixed armament of the T-28 and T-35 tanks.
– Added/changed Customization.ini files for S.S.S., I-15bis, I-153, and new types I-16.
– Fixed default desert camo for B-24. Increased camo list.
– Corrected bombing equipment hard points on the P-40.
– Corrected shape of radio operator entrance hatch for the external 3D-model of Pe-2 ser.359.
– Changed cockpit lights inside the SB-2 M-100A and SB-2 M-103.
– Changed damage level for controls for all Il-2 planes.
– Added damage model for “American tractor” stationary object.
– Added stationary plane YaK-7B(M-105PF).
– Fixed speed indicator accuracy for P-38. Speed indicator output now shown in mph as indicated on cockpit gauge instead of KIAS (Knots-Indicated Air Speed).
– And some more minor fixes and corrections



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