Speculation: Kursk is next?

An interesting thread stemming from the posting of a video featuring 1CGS developers  Loft and Han has revealed one interesting piece of information that leads me to believe that Kursk could be the next theater of war after Moscow.

The source video itself is in Russian and is just a little over 2 hours long.

Apparently there is much joking around going on here and not a lot of details are revealed, however, forum poster Brano was able to interpret some of what was being said.

Albert likes to talk a lot and he didn’t let Danil say much :)
In general nothing like breakthrough news,they talked about almost everything that happened in the past and what they do now. Some highlights I remember before fell asleep:
– look into past (old Sturm,ClOD,RoF…)
– focus on documentary game style
– focus on Great Patriotic War to remind Russians and other former SU nations what their grandfathers were fighting for
– they mentioned tank battles at Kursk and tigers and panthers when talking about possibility to use tanks in game
– Pacific was mentioned in some way
– Albert said 19% of customers are from behind big lake (US of A)
To sum it up. Albert talks a lot but doesn’t say much 😀

I’ve long wondered when the 1CGS Devs would take another attempt at tank warfare and Kursk is a viable destination for that kind of battle. One of the largest tank battles ever fought was fought at Kursk and the air war above was just as crucial.

See my speculative post on What Comes Next Part One: Kursk or Kuban for more details on what I think the planeset at Kursk might look like.

Nowhere near a confirmation of what comes next but IL-2: Battle of Kursk is definitely a growing possibility.


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