Next chapter of IL-2 to be decided soon

There is currently a 27 page thread on the English language 1CGS forums discussing which theater the IL-2 series may visit next. On this blog I have speculated on several potential scenarios (notably I haven’t ventured into the Pacific theater options yet) but there are dozens of possibilities stretching out along the conflicts timeline.

Although this has not stopped the previous iteration of the series from doing anything, the fact that IL-2 is in the title, suggests to me that Eastern Front scenarios may still be the place that we stay for one or more updates.

BlackSix, a moderator on both English and Russian language forums, has recently posted the following information on the Russian forum.

It is likely that before the end of May we will determine and report it as “everything is OK, we have decided.”

Because for the full announcement is necessary to prepare a bunch of materials and it is desirable to open a pre-order immediately, but this time.

Note: This has been run through Google Translate from Russian to English so take exact meanings with at least a small grain of salt.

While BlackSix has made it clear that he knows as much as we do surrounding the details of what the next theater may be, it’s clear that decisions are being made. Materials and information will need to be prepared prior to announcement and subsequent pre-order campaign.

Although it could unfold differently, Battle of Moscow was announced along with map and aircraft details and the pre-order started almost simultaneously after that.

You can tell from my review that the next gen IL-2 series still has some issues that it needs to tackle but its also an incredible product and I can say with certainty that I am very excited about the next product and I will certainly be in line for the next pre-order.


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