Flying the unfriendly skies of War Thunder

I’ll admit it. I play War Thunder!

I’ve been playing for about a year and a half or maybe two years now and I approach this game from a totally different angle than I do IL-2, Rise of Flight or DCS. Despite what some may say about War Thunder, it’s simulator aspects are fairly light. War Thunder is an excellent survey simulator with just enough realism and attention to detail to be pretty good as a World War II and Korea era game but without the exacting detail you get from 1CGS or Eagle Dynamics.

What does War Thunder bring to the table then?

Lots and lots of aircraft. Did I mention lots? Someone has said jokingly (or maybe they were serious) that War Thunder could go for world record for most number of aircraft represented in a single product. If you can think of a 1940-1950 era aircraft then War Thunder probably has it. Sunderland? Check. Hs129? Check. He115? Check. Yak-30? Coming soon.

They do obscure and they do the iconic types and they all coexist fairly well.

Unfriendly skies?

Yeah. So, I tend to fly the Arcade version most of the time. What War Thunder does is fast action with a huge number of players and it gets you there in almost no time at all. You need planning and patience to carry out multiplayer sorties in IL-2: BoS/BoM but here you can almost mindlessly jump into the action – and its fun! Mostly.

You’re also up against random human opponents. Some are skilled and fearsome adversaries, some have no idea what they are doing despite having made it to a higher skill level in game, and some don’t really like to play very fair.

Recently my War Thunder experience has been sullied by players who fly to the spawn locations and pick players off just as they are getting started. This is an issue in many flight simulators but here it can be rampant and there is nothing you can do about it. You’ll spawn and you’ll die. They may even try and taunt or abuse you in the chat.

It makes me wonder if there is a better way to facilitate the spawn system in War Thunder. I think damage free zones and temporary invulnerability probably won’t work as well here as they do in games like Battlefield.

So when the spawn killers strike, especially over and over… It may be best to let it go and play again another time.


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