All is quiet once again

The last week has been punctuated by a lot of activity in the technology and entertainment world. E3, EA Play and for Apple fans, World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) were all notable. In the PC flight sim arena… quiet.

For 1CGS and IL-2, we’ve heard very little from the developers or the moderators. On the Russian Forum, BlackSix replied to one discussion:

Everything is normal, the work goes, we plan to release the next patch, according to the results of the decision will be made ready for release BZM (while the game is still in the early access). In the next theater is no information can not divulge.

Often times, no news is good news. But it is anti-climatic after several months of frequent updates. IL-2: Battle of Moscow is out and the developers do deserve a rest. But we’re also flight sim fans and we always long for more!

In other news, Rise of Flight servers were offline for several hours on Thursday. The problem was solved but it caused quite a stir.

I’m still working my way through learning the nuances of fighting with a bi-plane (or tri-plane) and its quite a lot of fun.

More to come, no doubt!


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