Third party Odessa map coming along

Zeus, former third party developer and now working with 1CGS on mapping projects, has revealed a new screen shot from a third party group putting together a new Odessa map for IL-2.

Texturing test on the new Odessa map

Earlier he also posted a topographical map showing the general region of the map.


Gaining the Odessa map gives us yet another battlespace to work with as well as a useful theater for some aircraft we already have – namely the ones that shipped with the Battle of Moscow map.

It also raises hopes that we will one day see the IAR80/81, the I-153, SB-2 and other earlier types fighting over this terrain. Even without them, the I-16, Bf109E-7, F-2, and others all fought here and its unique geography located on the Black Sea will be an interesting change from what is available from the Stalingrad and Moscow maps.

Definitely go and read the whole mapping thread if you want to see some interesting stuff that may come to us in the future.

UPDATE: Added links to the forum discussion.


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