Good times ahead!

Within the next two weeks we are likely to learn the plans that 1CGS has set out for IL-2 for the future.

That was confirmed today with a post by IL-2 Producer, Jason Williams, who made this post on the forums.

We know what we are going to do next and the next after that assuming we get the commitment for the budget. Can’t say anything until that process is completed. No eta but within the next couple weeks probably, maybe sooner.

I can’t wait till announce all our plans. But we can’t do it all unless everyone, and I mean everyone gets behind us and buys everything we offer. It’s going to be gut check time for everyone in this community and genre.

I head home in a few hours. Been a long week here in Moscow. The team has been great as always they are as committed as ever to Sturmovik and combat simming in general.

Good times ahead.


It is unclear if we will learn their long range plans or only their more imminent plans. What we do know is that the 1CGS team is committed to future additions to the series (at least two significant additions if everything comes together) and that we will be learning very soon what the future holds.

And if what Jason says is true, good times are ahead!

There is a mixed reaction (as usual) in the community forums. There is definitely a lot of excitement but also some trepidation as to what is coming next and on if it will be set on the Eastern Front, or moving on to another area during the World War II timeline.

There’s also concern that only popular interest will guarantee that the series goes on. I prefer to think about this positively but Jason’s comment is definitely a direct one.

I suspect many will be on-board for the next adventure no matter what. I know I am!


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