Odessa, Yak, Ju52… and no unlocks

Today’s Dev Update is live and with it brings some news from IL-2’s Producer, Jason Williams.

Some of the more serious news includes taking action against cheaters and credit card fraud. Gift codes will now be encrypted and will only be able to be redeemed by a valid user account.

Now, on to some of the fun stuff!

Unlocks… unlocked

Everyone with Standard and Premium editions of Battle of Stalingrad or Battle of Moscow will be able to unlock all of the aircraft modifications, skins, and equipment by default. This change will be scheduled for sometime next week.

This represents a fundamental change to the way that IL-2: BoS/BoM has been setup. Unlocks and progression through the campaign system were part of the game and with their removal there are some loss – and some gain. Many have argued against the system and I found it to be self defeating to the game to force multiplayer players into using single player just to get the equipment they need to be online.

In the old IL-2 campaign, unlocking equipment such as these SC 50 bombs was part of the campaign progression.

This represents a good change although it will be interesting to see how single player may not be beefed up to give it something that makes the play through something to work for.

Jason has alluded to much in the way of new materials and ideas coming to the fore in the future and so without knowing what the overall plan is, I think the best thing to do is accept this change as a huge positive and go from there.

New Aircraft

Progress on the Ju 52 and the Yak-1B continues and the latest screen shots show just how close the external model of the Yak-1B is to being complete. We also get to see the work done on the internal model for the Ju 52’s single defensive turret.

The external model of the Yak-1B appears complete.
Work continues on the Ju 52’s single top rear turret.

Odessa Work Continues

Zeus, a community member who previously brought us the Velikie Luki map, has been teasing new images of the Odessa map recently. The latest screen shots show off some of the work being done on the coastal regions of the map.

Flying along the Black Sea coast near Odessa

The Odessa map will open up some very early war battles with the available Battle of Moscow aircraft and flying over a very different terrain set than Moscow or Stalingrad. Throwing in a Collector version of the I-153 or IAR80 would be icing on the cake. Let’s hope!

Read the whole Dev Update and check out some more gorgeous development shots. Click!


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