IL-2: New theater announcement next week

We have a rough date now of when we will learn what the next theater will be for the IL-2 series from 1CGS. We have word courtesy of this thread and Producer Jason Williams:


We know you’d like to learn what the next theater will be so we will announce it next week and give more details on other improvements we will be making to the product as well. I will also be holding a semi-formal Q and A on the Official TeamSpeak later in the week.


Speculation and hype

For over a month now, the community has been speculating on which theater will be next. Is it somewhere in the Pacific? How about North Africa or the Mediterranean, what about Western Europe during D-Day or the Ardennes offensive. Or, will the series stick to its Eastern Front roots and go to Kursk, the Kuban or Berlin?

In a week we’ll find out.

All aboard the hype train!

The biggest problem for the community right now is that some members have been worked up into a bit of a frenzy. They are hanging off every word from the development team looking for a slip-up or a hidden message or meaning. They have reached what some might call “peak hype” and it means that they are nearly certain that the scenario they envision is the logical choice that the dev team would be stupid to pass on.

The pragmatists in the community have a more balanced approach and one that is, to my mind, a more healthy one.

The series could go any number of ways and it will be exciting to see what theater the team chooses to go to next.

One thing we do know, from a prior comment of Jason’s, is that the team has already decided on the next two theaters. This could indicate long term asset planning or it may also suggest that whatever the next two theaters are, they are somehow linked together.

A suggestion we’ve heard from within the community is that developing two theaters simultaneously with linked assets may be something that happens. For example, a Kursk and North Africa or Sicily scenario could go hand in hand as they would share a good number of assets between each of them. Or later into the war, a scenario from both East and Western Europe would share Axis aircraft and assets while developing two different sets of Allied air forces.

One way or another, we’re going to learn a whole lot more next week. A Teamspeak based Q&A is also set to happen sometime after the initial announcement.

The TS Q & A time and day has not been decided yet. I may do it on a weekend after the main announcement.


As always…. stay tuned folks!


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