IL-2 Multiplayer Action Videos

One of the weaknesses of the second generation IL-2 series to-date is the small number of online players but a couple of videos showcase what its like when the action gets thick and intense.

Its been a struggle to find consistently full servers, however, several servers are showing more consistent numbers and more players are joining in on the fun. It can only get better from here as excitement builds in the community from several of the many announced changes.

Today I wanted to highlight a couple of cool videos that showcase that action in a really nicely condensed form.

Showcasing what multiplayer IL-2 is all about

The first one is a video created by Vade. A dramatic summary of over 6 hours of captured multiplayer footage on the Tactical Air War (TAW) server, this video will have you ready to jump into a plane and take to the skies!


The second video I wanted to show is one with a substantially different feel but it definitely shows off some cool multiplayer action. Gavin Cabbage’s Ring of Fire’ also from the TAW server shows off some fun action set to the tune of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

Enjoy these two and maybe be inspired to jump into the online world and give IL-2 a try there!

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