News on the next IL-2 update


Although patch 2.004 just came out, people are already talking about what comes next and when we might see some of the content that we’ve been talking about for a few months now. Today we got a small glimpse of what comes next.

Jason Williams (IL-2’s Producer) updated us on the forums with a small nugget of information.

Next update planned for December maybe in time for Santa. Complete contents are unknown but that is when we begin Early Access for first Kuban material and new Collector Planes. DirectX 11 just entered beta today. It will be while before we have any concrete detail on DX11 pros or cons. This is new territory for us.

With this information plus prior dev updates, we now know that the Yak-1B is in beta, DX11 is in beta, the Ju52 is likely nearing or already in beta, and that the Bf109G-4 external model is complete and should be entering beta soon too.

That means that a December update may possibly include:

  • Ju 52/3m
  • Yak-1B Series 127
  • Bf109G-4
  • The DirectX 11 renderer
  • Other miscellaneous enhancements

The December patch would also, as Jason points out, represent the beginning of the Early Access for Battle of Kuban.

Remember, I’m speculating on some of this. If all goes well then we’re likely to see all of that arriving before the end of the year. As it stands, the Devs have said that the Yak-1B and Ju 52 are likely to arrive before the end of the year and it doesn’t take much of a stretch to think that the Bf109G-4 (which is a relatively minor change from the G-2) wouldn’t be something they could complete in time.

The DirectX 11 renderer is probably the more up in the air (pardon the pun) question. Implementing a new renderer can be a difficult process. While I don’t doubt the skill of the folks at 1CGS (and we’ve seen their incredible work for years already), I do wonder if the DX11 renderer may take some time to iron out some of the smaller details. It also remains to be seen how much VR capability will arrive immediately along with the DirectX 11 renderer and how much will need to be done to bring that feature up and online fully.

Time will tell!


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