Ten Days of Autumn and Scripted Campaign News

Jason Williams, IL-2 Producer, was back in the announcements section this week with news on scripted campaigns and an announcement about the first paid scripted campaign.

Introducing Ten Days of Autumn

ten_days_autumn_preorder_en1CGS is going the same route as Eagle Dynamics is with 1CGS offering some extra ‘premium’ content for the IL-2 series in the form of scripted campaigns that add some extra depth to the series.

In my mind, these releases also have an important financial purpose for the company. These are a great way for a niche company to recoup extra costs with a relatively low amount of money spent. Compared to building an aircraft with 3D modelling, texturing, flight modelling, and all of the historical research, it takes a considerable amount of time to build aircraft. Mapping and other work is also incredibly time consuming. By comparison, a scripted campaign also takes time to develop and put together but its likely not anywhere close to what it would take for other elements.

The other thing that it gives us is a potentially more compelling single player experience compared to what we’ve seen with a lot of the IL-2 single player release so far. I know there are at least a few single player pilots who are jumping at this chance.

Here’s some of the details:

This single-player Campaign tells the story of a difficult time in October 1941 for the German Luftwaffe on the Moscow front. The Campaign follows the actions of Luftwaffe Group I./JG 52 who were supporting the tip of the German thrust deep into Russia, flying missions from frontline airfields in the Kalinin area. German forces faced seemingly never ending artillery strikes, attacks from Soviet ground forces and sudden VVS air strikes. The intense combat as well as the tough weather conditions demanded maximum effort from Luftwaffe pilots, foreshadowing the looming collapse of the Operation Typhoon. You get to play the role of commander of the second flight in the third squadron (3./JG 52).

Timeframe: October 19-29, 1941
Unit: I./JG 52
Available aircraft: Bf 109 F-2
Duration: 15 missions

There are a couple of other key details:

  • The campaign is only available for owners of IL-2: Battle of Moscow.
  • People who pre-order also get a special custom skin from I./JG 52 for the Bf109F-2.

The custom skin is looking pretty good with Yellow-5 and the unique JG 52 emblem just aft of the national markings.


So, Ten Days of Autumn is our first pay for single player campaigns from 1CGS and I suspect there will be more over the years if the series continues. Hopefully, it contributes to the success of the series AND offers players who have the interest the ability to dig their teeth into something a little more than has been offered so far.

Ten Days of Autumn is available in the IL-2 Store right now for pre-order at $9.99 USD.

The beginning of something

There is more to this announcement than a single player campaign release. Ten Days also represents the first scripted campaign in the series and it unlocks a new area for both the development team to sell us stuff but also for other fans to bring us new content.

At the moment you can’t actually build a scripted campaign. Sure, you can string together some missions but this is something more. A persistent campaign that is scripted out can be a lot of fun. I should know – I built a half dozen of them for IL-2 1946 over the years.

Adding this feature was always part of the IL-2: Battle of Kuban announcement but it is coming sooner than expected and that is a great thing. Over time, we’ll see more fans building scripted campaigns and those will be available either for free download and Jason has opened the door to some of those potentially being sold as well.

As Jason explains,

The community will be able to create and add their own scripted Campaigns once we explain how the system works in later announcements.

This is the start of an enhanced single player experience in the new IL-2. Both pay for ‘premium’ content and free as well! Good news all around in my mind.


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