What you do when your joystick is toast…

My X-52 has essentially become unworkable as the rudder axis continues to spike no matter what filters I set for it. I can’t play DCS or IL-2 at this point as controlling the aircraft has become unplayable. A new stick is on the way and I will write a future blog post about that. In the meantime… WarThunder’s mouse mode works pretty well!

Mouse mode!

New generation IL-2 has a mouse mode but it isn’t worth using in my mind. It doesn’t allow you the range of control and the game was never meant to work with it. War Thunder’s mouse control is a different story. Gameplay was designed with it in mind and in many ways, flying with the mouse in that game is superior and more precise than with a stick. It’s upside-down world in War Thunder!

Some simmers look down at War Thunder. Its more casual than a true flight sim but it does have its charm – a massive inventory of aircraft, continual developer support, and quick action gameplay.

I’ve played War Thunder for a few years and I’ve been slowly advancing the research on some of my aircraft lists spreading my time equally out between all four of the major nations.


Recently I’ve refocused my efforts on the American side – breaking my aircraft lists into Navy and Army, bomber and fighter. I have a great selection of P-38s and P-51s, I just added the P-47 to the list (although I’m disappointed with its performance) and I have become quite effective with the F4U Corsair and F6F Hellcat fighters.

I’ve also been flying the Japanese a lot recently too and the Ki-100 and Ki-61 remain favourites even in War Thunder (I flew these both a ton in IL-2 1946).


I’m playing arcade mode with quick action, icons on, a massed battles of aircraft. You never last long and the objectives are far from realistic but the aircraft are lovingly crafted and the graphics are spectacular.

Next week I hope to have my new stick and I’ll be back in the skies over Moscow and Stalingrad.



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