IL-2: Cold Winter campaign available

When it was announced that scripted single player campaigns were returning to the IL-2 series, I was pretty excited. Now, some of the first fan made campaigns are becoming available and Cold Winter comes to you for free thanks to IL-2 community member Sampson.

Cold Winter, a remake

Ten Days of Autumn released in December along with the scripted campaign module which opened the door to more campaigns coming along. I wasn’t expecting many to arrive so soon but arrive they have.

I now have two campaigns to fly in 2017!

Cold Winter is a remake of the ‘Blinding Sun’ campaign that was available for the first generation IL-2 game. One of the more memorable campaigns in my mind, Blinding Sun came in two parts with the first part concerning itself with a MiG-3 pilot at Moscow and later a Yak-1B pilot flying over Kursk. The Kursk section is omitted but what we do get is 11 missions flying the MiG-3 over Moscow.

A preview of all 11 missions are presented as part of the campaign module


Here are some of the details:

  • 11-mission campaign remaking the first half of the old Blinding Sun campaign
  • You must own both IL-2: Battle of Moscow and IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad
  • Fly the MiG-3 as squadron leader Lieutenant Sokolov

I’ve only played the first mission so far and its a great remake. Enemy fighters are aggressive, there are plenty of friendlies flying around so it never feels like you are fighting the war on your own and the ground action seems pretty intense too.

This is definitely worth checking out!

Comrades in arms – the I-16 and MiG-3 fly together on the first mission of Cold Winter

How do I get it?

Visit the IL-2 forums and follow the download link along with the simple instructions on where to unpack the campaign files.

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