Participation makes it happen with the Dedicated Bomber Squad

Flight simulators tend to be a much more open world experience than most games and that means that having a group that can help organize events is incredibly valuable.

An organized flight sim event can take everything from interesting to spectacular in a short period of time as a team (or two teams) fly their missions, meet challenges along the way and generally have a fun time. Sometimes its with a formal squadron and sometimes it with something a little more informal but no-less fun. Meet the Dedicated Bomber Squad (or DBS) co-run by community members [DBS]TxTip and [DBS]Thor.

The DBS squad takes off on another mission

The “squad” is not really a squad in the traditional sense (with commanding officer hierarchy and long term membership) but rather a loose group of flight simmers that organize Friday Night Bomber Flights. These flights are detailed missions that pilots from all over (not just the DBS squad) sign up to participate in flying fighters, attackers, and bombers on missions.

These events emphasize teamwork and having a fun, co-operative, time. As [DBS]Thor likes to say,

We fly for fun, not to keep scores. That was always DBS’s moto.

I did a big Q&A session with Thor and TxTip on the website. It’s worth a read to get more details on the sessions, how to sign up and participate, and generally what the DBS is all about. Check it out!

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