Pre-order skins

The new IL-2 series has had special releases of pre-order skins for a variety of aircraft over the years. I missed out on the initial offering of a custom Bf109F-4 and LaGG-3 Series 29 pre-order skin by a matter of weeks. With the Bf109F-2, Ju52/3m and Yak-1B, however, I have pre-ordered just in time to snag each of those.

Phil from the comments section on one of my previous posts has asked to see what the Ju52/3m pre-order skin looks like and I thought I would take that a step further and show what each of the three recent pre-orders looked like.


Quite a “loud” skin… the Ju52/3m preorder skin is mostly orange with some blue flavoring around the engine nacelles. So far as I know, this is not a historical skin in any way but rather a bit of fun being had by the 1CGS skin artist.

Yak-1B Series 127

Also not likely to be a historical skin… this is quite a fun red and white skin well suited to aerobatic displays and flying during the winter. The red surround on the edges doesn’t make you exactly very subtle!

Bf109F-2 “Ten Days of Autumn campaign”

If you pre-ordered the Ten Days of Autumn campaign then you would have got this new Bf109F-2 skin.This skin is a historical Bf109F-2 from I./JG 52 and it suits the campaign perfectly.

So there you have it!


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