A Wulf for any occasion

Flying the Focke Wulf 190 in IL-2 for the last year has been a challenging proposition with many pilots complaining about the aircraft being difficult to fly. All of that changes in Update 2.007.

Stalling, always stalling

The FW190A-3 was twitchy, it stalled frequently, and pulling back on the stick more than a few degrees at a time was asking for an uncomfortable ride at best and a fatal spin and crash at worst (virtually speaking).

Multiple heated discussion threads, a concerted community effort by some key individuals, and a serious amount of work by IL-2 Aerodynamics/Software Engineer Gavrick (Roman) has changed the tune on the FW190 – to a happier, more confident one.


Newfound confidence

The FW190 was never a turn fighter in real life. Pilots who flew it remarked on its excellent flight systems (nearly all automatic), cockpit visibility, firepower, and maneuverability. They were never talking about its ability to fly in a tight circle but rather its ability to pitch and change direction quickly thanks to its confident handling and excellent roll rate. Those features are now much more accessible.

Pulling back on the stick nets a more controlled experience with the pre-stall buffeting loading up quickly but predictably. Throwing the FW190 into a snap turn no longer results in a nasty uncontrollable stall.

What we have now is a eminently controllable fighter that is easy to fly but still a challenge to fight effectively with. The 190 will reward capable and tactical pilots who are able to use the aircraft to pick and choose their time to attack while it will still thwart too much enthusiasm. You need to fly this aircraft smoothy and crisply.


The FW190 is undoubtedly an energy fighter using broad sweeping attacks and favouring speed and altitude over tight turning. Excellent dive acceleration and the ability to hold onto some of its energy while zooming back to altitude is a very powerful feature. So too is the roll rate which, though unchanged, seems more precise and less dangerous to use as part of both an offensive or defensive maneuver.

One thing in my mind is certain – as of Update 2.007 the FW190 is a fearsome and dangerous opponent in the skies.

The Wulf is back! Look out for the A-5 model joining us sometime in March!


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