Rise of Flight previews the new IL-2 3D wave technology

In 2013, Rise of Flight debuted the Channel Map addition to the game which added a new series of campaigns covering the English Channel and northern France and Belgium. The Rise of Flight team took that opportunity to show off the power of the Digital Nature engine by putting in water physics above and beyond what has been seen in most flight simulators. Though it may be familiar to many Rise of Flight enthusiasts, it is new to followers of the IL-2 series and what came before is a preview of what is to come.

IL-2: Battle of Kuban will feature both the Black Sea and a small piece of the Sea of Azov. As these bodies of water featured into the battles, the team is taking this opportunity to implement the Rise of Flight water technology back into the engine.

Flying low level past the ships docked at Dover – Rise of Flight’s water tech still holds up 4 years later!

In September 2016, IL-2 Producer Jason Williams posted the announcement for IL-2: Battle of Kuban and a developer plan for the future of the series.

The Kuban also helps the development team by providing an ocean environment for larger ships and other watercraft to do battle which will help prepare us for our eventual move to the Pacific theater.

That announcement also came with mention of more significant ships than the series has seen so far. We’ve seen a steamer and a small gunboat on the relatively calm Volga river but we’re in for something much more significant with destroyer class ships.

– Kuban map 300x400km (Seaport, Towns, Mountains, Sea, Prairies, Large Forests, Part of Crimea)
– Warships (Destroyer, Cargo ships, Submarines, Torpedo boats, Landing Barge)

We have a lot to took forward to beyond the Bf109G-4 and Bf110G-2 that we have seen so far. The Kuban map itself will be varied and a part of that variation will be flying over and doing battle just above the waves.

We’ve seen some pretty interesting water technology in different games and Rise of Flight certainly brought a pretty convincing version of the water technology to that game back in 2013. In 2017, the team is putting this technology back into the IL-2 version of Digital Nature and they have mentioned upgrades too. What that looks like, how it performs on the new DX11/64-bit upgraded version of Digital Nature, and how it will handle things like medium scale naval engagements remains to be seen.

Want an idea of what the water looks like in motion? Watch this video from the alpha version of Rise of Flight. Its really great!

Of course – all of this is building towards the future with the Battle of Midway coming sometime in 2018 or 2019.

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