IL-2 scripted campaign progress

My time spent playing IL-2 is divided between quick flights in the Quick Mission Builder and more lengthy time spent playing multiplayer but when I’m not doing those two things I’m playing the new scripted campaign mode – and its been fun!

I’ve made good progress on Cold Winter! Next step… Ten Days of Autumn!

In December the IL-2 series added the Scripted Campaign feature to the game and that opened up opportunities for new single player gameplay via scripted missions. I immediately bought the 1CGS released Ten Days of Autumn campaign and had just gotten started with it when I got sucked into Cold Winter – a remake of a single player campaign from the original IL-2.

The scripted campaign interface – I’ve got two missions left for Cold Winter.

Cold Winter, a remake of the Blind Sun campaign, was put together by IL-2 community member Sampson. I previously wrote about the campaign and now that I’m nearly done I must say that having scripted campaigns back in the series is a real joy. These are fun experiences that you don’t always get with the random mission generator.

I’ll have more comments when I write a review on the campaign but needless to say that it is worth checking out. Especially if you like flying the MiG-3!


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