War Thunder adds B-10B, Spit IIb update

Gaijin continues their impressive pace of updating and adding to War Thunder with two new aircraft arrivals – complementing the massive number of new vehicles, tanks, and the impending release of their new naval battle feature.

The B-10B is a new American bomber being added in the Tier 1 category as a Premium aircraft (you’ll have to pay money to gain access to this aircraft). An early 1930s bomber, it was faster than contemporary bi-plane fighters but obsolete by the end of the 1930s. German pilots sometimes mistakenly identified SB-2 bombers in the opening phases of World War II as “Martins” because of their superficial similarities.

The B-10B Premium Tier 1 bomber

You should definitely check out the info page and some of the other images that Gaijin has released – their artists are doing incredibly detailed aircraft these days.

War Thunder aircraft are also slowly having their 3D models updated to the latest standards. The Spitfire models have been receiving slow updates with the Mark IX getting a fairly recent update. Now its the turn of the Mark IIb – an early Hispano cannon equipped Spitfire.

Spitfire Mark IIb model update

Many of these models date back to IL-2: Birds of Prey days and have been minimally updated since then. It’s great to see new content but also to see that Gaijin is updating older models too.

Check out what they have been doing with this beautiful aircraft!


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