IL-2: 1946 patched to 4.13.3!

Over 16 years from the release of the original IL-2: Sturmovik and the sim continues to be a strong presence. Team Daidalos, a third party outfit made up of fans of the series who were given official access to the source code, continue to add content to the sim and the most recent patch brings it up to 4.13.3!

I missed the release of this so if you’re an avid fan you probably already saw the announcement at the beginning of the month. If you’ve taken some time away from the original IL-2… it may be surprising to know that it continues to go strong.

Poster of the 4.13.3m update!

This latest patch adds a fair bit of content including three new Bf110 types and five new Bf110 flyables. This adds significantly from the Bf110G-2 being the only flyable on the list. The long requested U-2 is now fully flyable (3 variants) and has a brand new high quality model to replace the low poly original. New skins, and bombs have also been added.


New flyable planes

  • Bf.110C-4, 1940
  • Bf.110C-4/B, 1940
  • Bf.110D-1, 1940
  • Bf.110E-2, 1941
  • Bf.110F-2, 1942
  • SB-2M103 (96 series), 1938
  • SB 2M-103A (221 series), 1940
  • U-2, 1933
  • U-2VS, 1936
  • U-2(LNB), 1942

Changes & Improvements

  • Changes in FM SB2 family aircraft. (SB-2M103 (96 series), SB 2M-103 (201 series), 1939, SB 2M-103A (221 series), 1940. added VISH22)
  • Added three new types of cluster bombs for KMB downloads (Cassettes bomblets) with the support of ballistic tables.
  • New default skins for I-15bis, I-153M62, I-153M63, I-153P, I-16type5, I-16type6, I-16type18, I-16type24, I-16type28, I-16type29, La-5, La-5F, La-5FN, La-7, La-7(3хB-20), Mig-3, Mig-3ud, SB-2M103 (96 series), SB 2M-103 (201 series), 1939, SB 2M-103A (221 series)
  • U-2VS now have new external 3D model and the new skin is not compatible with the old


The official Team Daidalos sub-forum thread contains more info on this update so that’s worth looking at.


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