War Thunder adds the Ki-67 and teases 1.67 release

War Thunder 1.67 “Assault” is just around the corner and its bringing with it the usual arrangement of vehicles and aircraft to the series including the Ki-67 Hiryu bomber. Let’s have a look!

A Better Japanese Bomber

The Japan tech tree was desperate for a better bomber option slotting in between some of the late war exotic types and the early/mid war workhorses. The Ki-67 should be that plane as the real life version had powerful defensive armaments, good speed, and was extremely versatile. It was even relatively sturdy by Japanese aircraft standards which made it clearly superior over the ubiquitous G4M Betty.

Other additions

Version 1.67 is also coming with:

  • Updated external models for the Ju87 Stuka (all versions) and Spitfire Mark IIb
  • A-26B-51
  • B-10B
  • New “Guiana Highlands” air battle zone
  • A variety of new tanks and a new tank battle location

Check out all of the updates on the 1.67 teaser and on their Dev Blog.


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