New Collector Plane promo code for IL-2

The second use of promotional codes for the IL-2 series focuses squarely on the Collector Planes with a 50% code for the P-40E-1, MC.202, La-5 Series 8 and FW190A-3.

Previously the La-5 and FW190 have seen 50% of sales but the MC.202 and P-40E-1 have never seen anything close to that so this is a first for these two Battle of Moscow Collector Planes.

I don’t have any of these. What should I get?

These four aircraft have been available for some time now and they fit into their respective products in interesting ways. Collector Planes (formerly Premium planes) were meant to be interesting additions to the series but not necessarily types that fit into the must have mould of the base product.

La-5 Series 8


This is a radial engined version of the LaGG-3. Fitted with the ASh-82 radial engine in a desperate attempt at improving the performance of the LaGG-3. The new engine improved the low level speed of the fighter dramatically and this early version went on to become the excellent La-5FN and La-7 fighters later in the war.

The La-5 Series 8 is a fast low altitude interceptor with twin 20mm cannons and a reasonably robust airframe. Its not a turn fighter so dogfighting isn’t really its thing but it is one of the fastest low altitude aircraft in the game. Thanks to an available engine mod it will remain one of the fastest even during the Battle of Kuban 1943 timeline.


An FW190 of JG54

Kurt Tank’s FW190 is a deadly aircraft with an incredible reputation during the World War II period. The FW190 was also called the “Butcher Bird” and was used in the East, West, and Mediterranean theatres of the conflict.

Fast, tough, and well armed with two or four 20mm cannons. The FW190 has an impressive roll rate at most speeds and its flexible enough that it can be used as a fighter, interceptor, and fast fighter-bomber. The A-3 model is extremely competitive as an aircraft from its introduction in late 1942 and on.


A P-40E drops down into an enemy formation

The P-40 Warhawk has a reputation as a tough fighter that was never really the equal of its peers but fought on competently. The P-40E-1 is a six gunned .50cal armed American lend-lease type used by the Russians during the first half of war. Never well appreciated, it was nonetheless available in numbers and it had a reputation for being a tough aircraft.

Though not a high performer and somewhat hampered by low engine power limits, the P-40 turns well (until it runs out of speed), is extremely tough, and outguns most of its opponents. Best used in fighter-bomber operations and during hit and run fighter ops, enemy bombers will melt in front of the guns of this competent but never outstanding fighter.


MC.202 flying over Stalingrad

This Italian built fighter is similar to the Bf109 series with its use of the DB601 engine. It was armed with a pair of Breda SAFAT 12.7mm machine guns for its primary armament. Its Eastern Front operations were limited to only a few operations so its status is definitely that of a Collector Plane.

The MC.202 is one of the most fun aircraft you can fly in the series so far with easy handling attributes and relatively high performance. Its uniquely Italian gauges and design are worth flying it alone. Its also a competent fighter though its primary guns are poor performers and the 7.7mm machine gun additions are only a small improvement. Optional 20mm gunpods do up the firepower but decrease the sweet handling.

Your choice

If you only own the Battle of Moscow then the MC.202 and P-40E-1 are the only aircraft that are “relevant” to your single player experience having the most in common with the performance attributes of the other aircraft of that 1941 to early 1942 time period.

Owners of the Battle of Stalingrad can choose any of these four to add to their single player experience. The La-5 and FW190 better fit the late 1942 timeline from a performance standpoint.

If you value performance only then the two top performers of the pack are the FW190 and La-5 but if you are into interesting aircraft or are looking to complete your collection… any of these are good options!

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