Watching more fan made trailers on YouTube

One of the things that a talented bunch of flight sim fans have done is create some amazing videos and share them on YouTube (and other video sharing services) to showcase both their film making talents as well as show off the spectacular flying and visuals of modern day flight sims. Lets watch a few!


First we have Woona’s DCS World ‘Why We Fly’ featuring the talents of Virtual Patrouille Suisse’s aerobatic team. This smooth flowing trailer shows off a lot of what DCS has to offer including combat, aerobatics, stunts, and the amazing visuals of the game engine.

Next we have the harder edge and cinematic sweeps of Texac’s ‘EDGE after a year.’ This video showcases the Nevada Test Range map and lots of pyrotechnics, weapon releases, and aerobatic brakes.

Next we have Eightball’s Blood, Toil, Tears & Sweat with the new DCS Spitfire Mark IX module set to ‘Run Boy Run’ by Woodkid. Great pacing and a beautiful look at the new Spitfire for DCS.


Czar66 Battle of Moscow fan trailer is action packed and shows a lot of what Battle of Moscow is all about. Fighters, bombers, tight shots and wide open views. Really nicely done!

Darbzy’s ‘Dogfight Movie’ takes clips from combat on the Wings of Liberty multiplayer server and strings it together in a fun narrative complete with subtitles.

Finally, ‘For Life, not for Glory’ is a by Playing_Potato that covers a lot of the Battle of Stalingrad ground with a slow, yet tense, trailer featuring some of the largest explosions in the series.

I found these to be entertaining videos showing the breadth and depth of the flight simulator experience for both IL-2 and DCS.

Have a favourite trailer? Send me a link in the comments!


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