Great MiG-29 gameplay from Ralfi’s Alley

I’ve been a fan of the MiG-29 since I first read about it. It, and the Hornet, are some of my favourite fourth gen fighter jets in terms how they look. So when I see some good MiG-29 DCS gameplay on YouTube I get pretty excited to watch.

Ralfi’s Alley is a great collection of gameplay videos from DCS stretching back several years now. Some of them are team oriented while others feature Ralfi flying solo. In either case the videos are entertaining to watch and sometimes they have some very high tension moments too.

The first video I wanted to link to was posted just yesterday and its called “MiG-29S Fulcrum Love.” This is mostly a solo flight with some tight low level action.

The second one is from about a year ago and its called Flight of the Fulcrum’s. This one is a team oriented mission with a few pilots flying the MiG-29 in some extremely intense jet fighter combat!


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