Training in DCS: Day one

I’ve owned DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 for more than a year now but my understanding of the sim and its basic systems is spotty. I’ve gotten into some pretty good dogfights in the quick mission builder and tried some of the single player but the honest truth is that I’m still pretty bad at the whole thing. Time to learn some modern aircraft systems!

It’s my first day…

Good at flying a World War II fighter but utterly lost in the sea of mechanical and digital flight controls on a modern jet – today I wanted to learn a little bit more. So I’ve done the first couple of modules on the Su27 as that is the only jet fighter (not attacker) interactive module I’ve been able to find.


So far I’ve done the takeoff and navigation tutorials and I’m doing ok. I’m binding controls as I go and slowly learning how to fly the Su27 Flanker in DCS Flaming Cliffs.

I’m still pretty interested in perhaps buying the Mirage 2000C module at some point as the idea of a small, delta wing, multi-role fighter is pretty appealing!

Anyways… on with the training!


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  1. Joshua Cook says:

    The Mirage is a hoot to fly, but, it’s also a full-fidelity aircraft vs. the somewhat less complex modelling of the Su-27, and as such the learning curve is a bit steeper. You might consider the World War II and Korean era birds in DCS. They are also fully-modeled aircraft, but as their systems are closer to what you know already know, they might be easier to pick up, plus might enrich the IL-2 experience, knowing exactly what is going on while the AI starts your engine, and what actually goes on behind some of the other simplifications in IL2.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Not a bad idea! I’ve been thinking about that and part of me really wants to tackle a full fidelity aircraft and really see what that is like. I’ve seen some great clips of people using them to great effect on YouTube and it has me enticed.

      Also, as you said, it looks like an absolute hoot to fly!

      In the meantime I think I need to stick to the simpler FC3 types and get a sense of those first.

      Also… there needs to be a good sale! 😀


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