RAZBAM developing a convincing Cold War duel for DCS

Since purchasing the Mirage 2000C last week, I’ve been checking into some of the projects that third party RAZBAM is working on for DCS. It’s an impressive lineup and if all goes well, by the end of 2018 they may have a great selection of Cold War aircraft available for combat.

The Mirage IIICJ & the MiG-19

RAZBAM has previously shown off work on the Mirage III, reportedly a CJ variant, being in the works and destined for release sometime next year (or later). The Mirage III was an immensely popular jet fighter of the 1960s serving with multiple nations around the world. One user of the jet, the Israeli Air Force, successfully used the jet in the Six Day War fighting against Egyptian MiG-17, 19 and 21 jets.

DCS already has the excellent Magnitude 3 LLC created MiG-21bis which means that one of these types is already ready to go. Fighting numerous air battles against each other, the Mirage III is a contemporary Mach 2 capable jet fighter that relied on its cannons while just beginning to explore the possibilities of guided missile combat.

An early look at the Mirage III

Meanwhile, we’ve also seen images of a early version of the MiG-19P with twin NR-23mm (or later 30mm) cannons and the ultimate expression of the early MiG designs originating from the MiG-9 through the famous MiG-15 (available from Belsimtek incidentally) and culminating in the MiG-19.

The MiG-19 NATO reporting name was “Farmer”

This aircraft too is a foil for the Mirage III with its reliance primarily on cannons but with the ability to carry the K-13 (AA-2 “Atoll”) air to air missile later in its life.

Turn vs boom and zoom

This set of aircraft offers up a classic air combat situation (while also being a historical matchup of the 1960s) with the MiG-19 having superior horizontal maneuverability versus the faster delta winged Mirage III. Fighting turn battles versus boom and zoom fighters in 1960 jet fighters is a path less traveled compared to World War I and II aircraft and this fills me with excitement!

Hopefully RAZBAM can deliver on these types as well as some other exciting aircraft like the A-7 Corsair II, AV-8B Harrier, and the A-29 Super Tucano.


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