VKB-Sim’s announces new MCG versions, Gunfighter delayed

In March we heard that VKB-Sim’s Modern Combat Grip (MCG) was coming and that it would be a stick modification that could be used to modify a variety of sticks including VKB’s own Gladiator Pro, Gunfighter, and Black Mamba series joysticks. Since then news has come in that the stick is delayed. But it will come with some new features!

New features for the Modern Combat Grip

Feedback from the flight sim community was swift and VKB-Sim appears to have been equally swift announcing only days after revealing the MCG that it would indeed be modified in its final form to include a ‘pinky’ switch.

I use this switch a lot on my Gladiator to modify button functions. I sometimes use it with the hat switch which I normally use for looking around but with the ‘pinky’ switch I use it to zoom instead.

Earlier this month it was also announced that there would be three versions of the MCG shipping:

  • Modern Combat Grip – MCG (as already announced) – $99
    – Features 22 programmable buttons
  • Modern Combat Grip – MCG TM Edition (new!) – $130
    – Directly compatible with TM Warthog ™ and TM Cougar ™ bases
    – Features 23 programmable buttons
  • Modern Combat Grip – MCG Pro (new!) – $140
    – Analog brake design
    – Folding trigger with contactless MaRS sensors
    Different hat designs included with different shapes to be customized by the user
    Features 27 programmable buttons

Gunfighter delayed

VKB Gunfighter

Less exciting news reports that VKB-Sim’s Gunfighter production has been delayed by at least a few more weeks. One of the suppliers evidently needed to redesign a PCB and the electronics still need to be certified in the different countries that it is being sold in.

Delays are fairly typical for hardware and if I were on the pre-order list for a Gunfighter I probably would have expected to hear about a few delays.

The stick itself is still very impressive sounding and for those who are looking to pick one up – hopefully the wait will be worth it!


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