IL-2 bullet strike improvements

Although we may not have had an official update this past week, we did get a few good updates from Jason Williams nonetheless. Jason posted today about some bullet strike improvements that, although subtle, will tighten up the visuals.

The problem that the series has suffered with is that bullet effects sometimes appear behind the targeted aircraft. The reasons for why they sometimes happened are a little unclear but it was on Jason’s list of things that he wanted to fix.

This is just where the effect is rendered making it look better and look more coordinated with the visual damage on the plane itself. And the effects themselves have not been changed, just the timing and placement. I’ve been wanting to fix this for a long time, but it was a hard one to find and correct.

As with a lot of things in a simulator, something that appears easy to fix is not always the case.

The differences are subtle but this YouTube video shows off just what is happening with this improvement.

If you missed it, you should also read about Jason’s 4K gaming experience with IL-2. It makes me want a 4K monitor and it gives us a teaser that there are more improvements in the pipeline that we don’t know about.

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