Ten Days of Autumn campaign progress

I’ve been really busy and my IL-2 time has been fairly limited recently. That said, I’ve put a lot of time into Ten Days of Autumn and I’m enjoying the slow burn of not playing it through all at once but enjoying the campaign as it progresses. But it’s nearly over.

Enjoying the experience


I knew Ten Days of Autumn was likely to be a top notch experience, after all it was a pay for campaign, but I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed playing it. The missions themselves play so well and are so full of atmosphere. I’ll comment more fully in my final review but it is needless to say that I’ve truly enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided that my first real cinematic IL-2 video would be set using the campaign as a backdrop. If you missed my ‘Fredrich’ video before, you may want to check it out.

Battle of Moscow’s map shines

I was pretty impressed with the Moscow map when it first arrived well over a year ago now but I think this campaign really does some interesting things to show the map and the amazing lighting effects of this engine off.

Ten Days of Autumn doesn’t so much shine as it is gloomy.

Heavy clouds dominates much of the campaign’s scenery and while that may sound a little depressing I don’t think it is. The weather feels authentic to the time of year and it has a narrative connection in more than one mission.

Mission 11 beckons. I’ll have more to say once I’m done!


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