IL-2 patch 2.010 arrives!

1CGS released IL-2 patch 2.010 today bringing with it another round of fixes, updates, and a new plane for Battle of Kuban early access. This time its none other than the IL-2 Model 1943!

Model 1943 IL-2 variant comes with interesting features

This version of the IL-2 comes with some interesting features and they range from the small details to some significant firepower options.

The biggest basic difference you’ll immediately notice is the rear gunner station which is standard on this version of the IL-2. Originally the IL-2 was meant to have a rear gunner, but that option was scrapped before series production began and it only returned in late 1942 when combat experience showed just how great a need there was for the rear gunner station.


Here are some other highlights of the new IL-2 model:

  • Mechanical gunsight with aiming for more precise bomb attacks
  • NS-37 anti-tank guns with superior performance to the Sh-37 on the Model 1942
  • New PTAB anti-tank bomblets (192 or 240 bomblet loadouts)
  • Pilot to gunner light signals are fully functional
  • AM-38F has more power but at a lower critical altitude
  • One loss to the IL-2 Model 1943 is the reduction in rocket loadouts from 8 to 4

Though we already have two versions of the IL-2, this version adds some interesting differences and it’s going to be great to fly it.

Other major updates

There are some other pretty significant updates to graphics:

  • SLI/Crossfire support (which stopped working properly since DirectX 11 support release)
  • rear view mirrors
  • landscape anisotropic filtering
  • improved tree shadows
  • improved visual hit effects on aircraft
  • particle shader with indirect memory addressing that is a bit faster
  • better looking clouds on Ultra graphics preset

And some changes to the damage model:

Because of the popular interest, we have performed additional combat durability tests of the various aircraft. Minor discrepancies were detected because of the numerous changes in physics and damage modeling, and they are fixed in the new version.

Clearly there is a lot to absorb here so I’ll be going over some of the details after I’ve had a chance to play. In the meantime, visit the IL-2 forums for the official update patch notes!

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