DCS World Caucasus and Strait of Hormuz maps update

DCS World Weekend News this week was particularly forthcoming with some significant milestones for the DCS series. It’s been about a year since we’ve seen anything in detail on the Caucasus and Strait of Hormuz maps and now we’ve got some new images of both.

DCS World in the background

Something that I’ve been learning a little about with DCS involves some history of the series as well as its future.

The Caucasus map in its present form dates back in-part to Lock On: Modern Air Combat. The way that the old engine worked, only a single map could be a part of the game and that map was just Caucasus. When the Nevada map came to be it ended up necessitating a whole update to the game engine. DCS World 2.0 was just the Nevada map using new technologies which have now been further refined in DCS World 2.1 which now can contain (if you own them) Nevada and Normandy.

Caucasus map in DCS World 2.5

So what about the Caucasus? DCS World 2.5 is the big next step for the series where DCS World 1.5 is left behind and all modules (aircraft, campaigns, maps, etc.) are unified under one system. Because of the complexities… it’s taking a while and updating the Caucasus map means taking an old map and increasing its complexity to match newer maps while also attempting to maintain consistency – in theory content designed for Caucasus in 1.5 will work on the new updated Caucasus map in 2.5.

Visual upgrades

The Caucasus map is getting a massive overhaul with significantly increased geometry complexity (no more hard edges in mountain passes), updated and improved textures, new buildings and all of the other doodads sitting around the map. Lighting, forest density, and seasonal changes are also part of this. Evidently, the new zone based wartime damage system introduced for Normandy is also going to be here. Something DCS World has lacked over the IL-2 series for a long time.

Here are some of the points from the update:

New Caucasus Map. Based on the existing map in DCS World 1.5, we are working on a huge update that will include:

  • Improved textures for all seasons
  • Improved and higher resolution ground elevation mesh
  • Improved ground object textures for buildings, roads, bridges, airfields, etc.
  • Adding terrain shadows based on time of day
  • New tree system for more and better-looking forests
  • Additional map area in the southern portion of the map
  • Added procedural grass

It looks amazing as you can see!

That’s not all… we also get a good look at the latest updates for the Straight of Hormuz, a new Middle Eastern location that is coming for DCS “soon” which should be ideal for DCS: F/A-18C carrier operations as well as for use with many of the other modules in the series. The strategically important straight has been and continues to be a significant shipping lane and the site of numerous hostilities. For a modern oriented simulation it certainly fits in with the kind of area that you can have hypothetical and fictional battles fought out in multiplayer.

Also there are some notable landmarks you’ll see including the Palm Islands of the U.A.E. and the 828 meter Burj Khalifa which is the tallest tower in the Middle East. Spectacular!

Check out these screenshots plus some bundle deals on DCS: Combined Arms and World War II Assets pack on the DCS World Update for June 30th! It’s a good one!

Also you can save up to 60% on some of the DCS World War II modules until Monday July 3rd. Not bad either!

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