Rise of Flight Community Skin Pack released

This flew under my radar with all of the excitement in the IL-2 and DCS communities. 1CGS and 777 Studios are still providing some basic support for Rise of Flight and on June 8 they released a new community skin pack containing 36 historical and 277 fictional skins.

The historical pack includes new skins for the Albatross III, V, the S.E.5.a and other aircraft. The Spad XIII gets by far the largest selection of skins featuring American aero squadrons from the time period.


I haven’t had a chance to investigate the fictional skins but 277 is a good number to say the least.

Get the download links and follow up details on the Rise of Flight forum.


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  1. Pixel Dust says:

    These are the very skins that I proposed that 1C sell to the community, with the skin authors’ permission, of course, to gin up a little cash; I’d easily have parted with a twenty to grab them.

    Ah well, at least RoF is still getting some well-deserved love.

    It truly ought to be blessed with the same graphics engine of BoX; I understood that RoF contributed its 3D graphical-water-representation and Career technology to BoX for the upcoming naval theaters. Turn-about’s fair play, you know.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It is good to see RoF get even a little attention. I certainly understand the constraints that you’ve got a small 20-30 person team trying to put together a quality sim and IL-2 is taking everything they have (and probably more) just to get the latest iteration done.

      In some ways I see Rise of Flight as being a very mature product. It has a lot of solid features and capabilities. The engine update would be wonderful to have but it does still look great on its own too. IL-2 is still adding features that Rise of Flight has had for a long time – the water effects, campaign and co-op are the big ones.

      I’m sure one day we’ll see a return to Rise of Flight. It’s still THE WWI sim for the modern flight sim era.


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