Adventures in DCS: Hit the brakes and he’ll fly right by

I’ve written this many times before but its still true that I’m very much a World War II sim pilot with a great interest in modern jets. Its why I bought DCS: Flaming Cliffs on sale and why I ended up with the Mirage 2000C and the Nevada map as well. I haven’t regretted any of my purchases but the learning curve for me has been steep at times. But I’m making progress!

Slow and steady

I’ve completed nearly all of the basic Su27 training missions and the weapons training missions as well. I’ve been able to down a whole flight of aircraft with radar and IR missiles. It’s an interesting bit of business coming from a guns only analogue setup with IL-2 and then suddenly working with all of the sensors and on-board systems to setup and track targets and then launch missiles.

I’ve made progress!


The Su27 is unfortunately the only aircraft in DCS World 1.5 that has a full interactive suite of training missions. Well… that and the Su25T. But I wanted to learn what a modern jet fighter could do and between the F-15s non-interactive videos and the Su27s fully interactive options – I opted for the Su27.

Also, its an interesting aircraft to get to know!

Target splashed

I took to the skies over Nevada for a guns only mission against a pair of F/A-18C Hornets. The Hornets immediately got my wingman in the first pass which left me 1 v 2 against the AI. I thought my limited jet experience would cause a problem here but the AI didn’t seem too quick to get on my six and guns only is an area that I’m pretty familiar with.


I managed to do an overhead yo-yo to put me on the six of the first F/A-18. The AI didn’t seem to really dodge my attempt here and after a bit of a refresher on how to lock on, target and then enable the guns tracking mode I was able to put the gun piper on the target and pull the trigger.

The results were predictable. One F/A-18 splashed… probably novice AI anyways.

The second F/A-18 was now lining up on my six which was obviously an issue. If it were a human player or a more experienced AI I think he may have had me at this point but there was a second hesitation and that’s when I made a rapid roll and break towards the deck at full afterburner.


On the way down I initiated a series of tighter turns trying to throw off his aim. I then remembered that moment in Top Gun (or Hot Shots which spoofed that scene) where he “hit the brakes and he’ll fly right by”.

So I did that. And it worked!

I killed my power dropping the throttles back to idle. As the speed and altitude began to drop off I hit the air brake and continued to roll evasive to keep his nose away from me. Again… he had a split second where he might have opened fire but no shot.

And then he flew right past.

Both of us went full burner at this point but it was too late for him as I turned inside of him and acquired a lock for my second guns only kill.


Second AI Hornet splashed and mission accomplished.

I even flew my Su27 back to base and landed it without incident. Needless to say that I’m slowly getting better at flying it and the Mirage 2000C. I’m hoping to put some more time into the other aircraft that I have access to like the Su25T, the F-15C and I’m really looking forward to flying the A-10A which I haven’t flown since Lock On Modern Air Combat’s demo/trial edition back many years ago.

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  1. Pixel Dust says:

    The FC3 aircraft are my personal favs, and I truly do wish ED had stayed within that framework to develop their subsequent aircraft modules.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      For sure. Something to be said for the simplicity. I mean they are still well modeled aircraft but with far fewer button presses.

      It’d be great to see a couple of options in future aircraft releases though I doubt they will go that route. Ultra realistic and detailed seems to be the goal for DCS these days.


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