Comparing Batumi Airfield in DCS 1.5 vs 2.2

Another Caucasus map update from the Eagle Dynamics team shows a really great side-by-side of the Batumi airfield highlighting the differences between DCS World 1.5 and DCS World 2.2.

World 2.2 improvements

I’ve talked about this before here and here but this is a really great way to see specifically what is changing in the technology and map update coming soon for DCS World.

A sidenote before I launch into what we can see in this screen shot – previously we’ve been told that DCS World 2.5, the merged version of the sim combining elements and content from 1.5 and 2.0 into a single install. This screen shot suggests that its running under 2.2 (the same install as Normandy and the update to Nevada).

A conversation on Reddit in the r/hoggit community suggests that its in closed beta for 2.2 and we’ll see it release in the final big update that introduces 2.5.

As far as the screen shot there are some key details to pick out:

  • Far smoother mountain ranges
  • Large numbers of trees that weren’t previously there (density has increased)
  • Shadows are a much stronger presence on all objects including trees
  • Greater dynamic range
  • High resolution ground and building textures

So you can check out the screen shot here or hop over to the DCS forums for the high-res and additional comments and commentary.


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