FW190 pilot shows what the Wulf is capable of

Alex VVV on YouTube posted a great video featuring his exploits with the FW190A-3 on the Berloga multiplayer server. In a series of cuts the short 2-minute video shows some truly impressive flying and gunnery skills as he systematically shoots down enemy aircraft with some utterly impressive shots.

The FW190 may still be a bit of a tricky fighter to get the most out of but this shows what it can really do.

Watch ‘Berloga -FW190 A3’!


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  1. Pixel Dust says:

    I guess the PvP’ers can stop complaining about Russian bias now.

    The singular problem with the IL-2 series, as a whole, has always been one of proportions, that is, the proper ratio of fighters available to each side as the war progressed.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Since 2001 there have been complaints about Russian bias but I never tend to pay much attention to that. I flew FW190s for a lot of my IL-2: 1946 career and no matter what I could fight it with the best of the Russian fighter force. It was always the pilot that mattered.


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