FS Resource site hosts excellent IL-2 skins

IL-2 community member Detcord has started his own flight simulator resource site and its the host of some interesting multi-title content including some superb skins!

Detcord is an accomplished skin artist for flight sims with a pretty wide selection of skins on his site for civil and military flight simulators. From what I can tell he’s focused on providing some very accurate representations of aircraft. The Dunkirk Spitfire series for IL-2 (seen in the featured image for this post) for example are bang on what we saw in the film – minus the model change from Mark I to the Mark Vb currently available in IL-2.

A superb FW190A-3 livery by Detcord! 


In any case… these are some seriously gorgeous skins. Check out his site for more or visit the IL-2 forums with a master list of his IL-2 related skins.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bryan Ott says:

    Missed this. Thanks for the shout-out, mate!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      You bet! Least I could do! Also have you linked under the resources section.


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