Team Fusion announces Cliffs of Dover: Blitz Edition

Officially recognized third party mod group Team Fusion has announced the imminent release of IL-2: Cliffs of Dover patch 4.5 TFS update. It’s being called the Blitz Edition with a an imminent Steam release. Does this mark a turning point for Cliffs of Dover?

Blitz edition changes (almost) everything

When IL-2: Cliffs of Dover launched in 2011 it was met with a initially enthusiastic reception that almost immediately soured. It became clear that Cliffs of Dover was not ready for public release and several months later it was clear that the situation wasn’t going to change. Ultimately the situation lead to an inauspicious end to the Maddox games legacy that began with IL-2: Sturmovik in 2001.

Team Fusion-CliffsOfDover-finalterrain.jpg
Tweaked terrain textures help improve the look of Cliffs of Dover.

Fast forward several years to March 2017. 1C Game Studios, responsible for the development of the IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban series, announced a partnership with Team Fusion giving them official access to the game’s source code and opening the door to future development. Eventually Team Fusion is intending to head towards North Africa but until then they are busy fixing and improving the original product. Improve it they have!

It’s become much more mature under their guidance and now they have announced that patch 4.5, with a substantial (though still not finalized) list of updates. It’s clear from their frequent development updates that Cliffs of Dover has been updated in nearly every aspect and in nearly every way. It’s a far cry from its initial launch troubles.

The patch is coming soon to the Steam Store. It even has a name: Blitz Edition and the launch video is here!

You can purchase Cliffs of Dover for $9.99 USD on the Steam Store.


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