Looking back at IL-2: Battle of Kuban’s Bf109G-4

A year ago IL-2: Battle of Kuban was just starting to release some content for the community to start working with. The Bf109G-4 was first to drop into our hands and since then it’s kind of been forgotten about. I want to take a moment and just appreciate the details.

Iterating on the Bf109 series

Surely some have complained that the series has too many Bf109s, but when you look at how crucial the type is from start to finish of the war it makes a lot of sense to get the full historical selection of this crucial aircraft.

The G-4 represents a halfway measure between the G-2 and the versatile G-6 and soon we’ll have nearly every major iteration of the Bf109G series from G-2, G-4, G-6, and then on to the G-14.


This isn’t a copy and paste job for the developers. The G-4 has unique traits like bulges on the wings to accommodate larger landing gear, a fixed tail gear and an engine with 1.42 ATA of pressure unlocked. Compared to the G-2, aerodynamic drag is higher but engine power is too.

The G-4 handles similarly to the G-2 but its subtly different too though perhaps not as dramatic as the differences between the E-7, F-2 and F-4. Still, adding the G-6 and G-14 will further show the evolution of the series and each will have its own unique handling and in some cases some unique features.

Some screenshots

So, to appreciate the aircraft I’ve collected my favourite screenshots I’ve taken over the year and I’m putting them here. I look forward to flying with and against the G-4 variant in IL-2’s new Career mode. It should be fun!

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