The IL-2 and Rise of Flight holiday sale is on!

The holidays approach! Last minute shopping is on and so is the IL-2 and Rise of Flight holiday sale. Here are the details!

Collector planes

First up, we have collector planes on sale at 40% and 50% off depending on the aircraft. The La-5 Series 8 and FW190A-3 are both on for 50% off. These classic radial engined fighters are part of the IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad Premium release but if you only have standard and you want to add one or both of these to your hangar… this is a good time.


The Ju52/3m, MC.202, P-40E-1, and Yak-1B are all on sale for 40% off. For the Ju52 and Yak-1B, these are some of the best discounts we’ve seen on these aircraft. The MC.202 and P-40E-1 both are part of the IL-2: Battle of Moscow Premium release but they also fit into the Battle of Stalingrad campaign too.

The Ju52/3m is useful across multiple time periods from Moscow to Kuban. Meanwhile the Yak-1B Series 127 is one of the best Russian fighters available and is available in multiplayer and will soon be available in the new Career mode while flying over the Kuban.


IL-2 titles on sale

IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and IL-2: Battle of Moscow are both on sale at 50% off. You can read my reviews of both of these titles (although the reviews are a little out of date these days).

Both titles have improved dramatically since release and have benefited and continue to benefit from updates to the whole series (64bit and DX11 game engine updates, VR, new Co-op and Career mode coming next year, etc.).

Scripted campaigns too

1CGS has released two campaigns: Ten Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe.

Ten Days of Autumn is a Bf109F-2 scripted campaign created by 1CGS’ Black Six (from the IL-2 forums) and set during late autumn 1941 just as the push for Moscow begins to grind to a halt. Check out my review.


Blazing Steppe is set in the late summer of the following year during the Stalingrad campaign. Players fly a Yak-1 in a series of battles over and near Stalingrad at a critical part of that campaign just as German troops are laying siege to the city. Again, check out my review for more thoughts.


Rise of Flight too!

The end of Rise of Flight development has long passed but the title is still a compelling flight sim experience and until the new Flying Circus Vol 1 release comes out sometime in the next 12-16 months it’s still the best WWI experience around.

Right now the sale offers 66% off everything on the Rise of Flight store.

The Camel and the Fokker Dr. I fight it out in the skies of Rise of Flight

Off to the store

You can take advantage of these sales on the IL-2 Store, on the Steam Store, and on the Rise of Flight store.

The sale ends January 4th!


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