Generosity in the IL-2 community

I want to write about something that I’ve seen happening in the IL-2 and Rise of Flight community that you don’t always see in other gaming communities: generosity. It’s something that has been happening for a while now and its a wonderful thing to see.

For the love of flight sims


Flight sims as a hobby can be an expensive one and the cost of hardware and software both can be difficult for many. When the choice comes down to paying for food and rent or buying a new flight sim module – not everyone can say yes to both of those things. It’s important to remember that.

Something that I love to see in the community over the years has been generosity in donating to something that people love doing. On multiple occasions, including at least three or four times in the last couple of weeks, I’ve observed community members buying and then giving away aircraft and battle modules for IL-2. I’ve seen this happen with the Rise of Flight community too.


I myself was the recipient of an aircraft and the Channel map from a wonderful and generous Rise of Flight community member. The donation got me deeper into Rise of Flight and let me write more about that title as time went on. It came a time when I wasn’t able to realistically buy in and for that I’m extremely thankful for that.

A rare and wonderful thing

This kind of generosity isn’t something you find everywhere. A lot of game communities are almost entirely combative and even toxic. I’d be a fool to think that the IL-2 and Rise of Flight communities don’t have issues too. Still, I think there’s something special here.

The willingness to help others, to share helpful tips for playing the game, to helping others configure and setup their hardware and to put money on the line and offer up a free aircraft or an entire battle package to someone who doesn’t have it and may not even be able to afford it is something truly special.


Though I try to put a positive light on most things in my life, I’m not immune to the negativity that exists in the world. Still, on an occasion like this I’d like to shine a light on something unique and wonderful.

Kudos to everyone who donates their time, their help, their kindness and when they can… a helping hand for a hobby that we all love. There are so many other wonderful ways that people help out too but I wanted to highlight something right here in this community.



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  1. PIxel Dust says:

    I noticed this first on the forums of RoF, when I started acquiring the product to embellish the free version; the simulation has so many interesting variants to try! I also noticed it on the IL-2 forums as well. Only 1CGS and 777 seem to welcome the desire of people to increase simulation product sales by giving away duplicate keys to folks in drawings and the like. I’ve not seen anything like this on the BMS forums, though. It would be relatively easy to give away GoG keys, I suppose.

    I recall, at one time, that this was also going on within the DCSW forums (I may be wrong here), but their strange, Machiavellian copy protection schemes seem to have squelched that effort. They require a central account login, a product key for every module and an activation count before you can play. By contrast, IL-2 requires one account login to play. RoF the same. F4 BMS requires a token 150 MB (that’s right, MB not GB) installation of the original F4 to play, which costs about $10 on GoG, which can be located on a USB drive for convenience.

    Come on, DCSW, lighten up and stop being a Scrooge!


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